Last week, Whitehouse Construction began a new job site in Durham, CT. This picture shows the very beginning of a residential construction project. At this site, we have stripped and stockpiled the top soil, cleared away the scrubby vegetation and made the site is ready to lay out the foundation. Next, we will dig the cellar hole.

Once the hole is dug, a crew will come in to form up the foundation. We will keep you posted on the progress here! 

If you need site work for residential or commercial work - new construction, renovations or additions - give us a call at 860-349-1904.  We'd be happy to work with you to design a plan to suit your needs and budget.



Last week Whitehouse Construction was in Branford, Connecticut, working with a landscaper to place some really big trees. This residential project is nearing completion and the owner has specified a mature landscape design. That requires the installation of large trees. 

We brought in an excavator to dig the holes and move the trees into place.  Excavators also can be useful for a range of landscaping projects including land clearing, stump removal, stone wall construction – especially when using large field stone –  as well as grading and shaping the land to implement a landscape design or enhance drainage.

If you are considering a landscape project, big or small, where an excavator might be needed, give us a call 860-349-1904.



Whitehouse Construction has been busy in Middlefield building a retaining wall for a homeowner. 

The homeowner has chosen to replace an existing wall with a new wall made from pressure treated timbers. We first removed the existing structure and now are in the process of installing the replacement wall. Important for the longevity of this type of wall is drainage - otherwise water can collect behind a wall and cause damage. Our crew has installed a drainage system at the base of the wall which you can see in this job site "progress" photo.

If you need a retaining wall - either a new one or a replacement give us a call at 860-349-1904.



Whitehouse Construction has been busy doing site work for new houses in Middlefield and Durham. We have cleared the lots, dug for the foundations, built the driveways, dug trenches for the electrical lines and well lines as well as put in the curtain drains. We will be back for septic work and roof drains when the houses are actually up.

More pictures to come! If you are thinking of building talk to us about site work (860-349-1904).



This a monster stump we recently removed as part of a commercial parking lot project in Meriden!

If you have stumps that need removal, give Whitehouse Construction a call at 860-349-1904.